Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall 2012

Posting to this blog has not been as frequent as I would have liked.  After almost no posting last year and none yet this year I thought I'd at least add one small thing here for now.  We do have honey this year!!!  For the most part we have a "hand off" approach to our beekeeping and as such don't always getting things added when we should to get good honey production.  But right with one hive we have a super full of honey, and another hive has a 3rd body full of honey to harvest (don't ask why we used a body instead of a super).

Last night we did go to add one more super and being foolish I didn't put any gear on.  Wearing just shorts and a t-shirt I took off the top cover, added a super, but then before getting it back together got a sting in my leg.  Freaked out at that point I geared up with my suit and veil, only to find I had a bee inside of it and had another freak out (my wife was very amused).  So, it was a fun night and in the end the bees have one more super to work with during the short amount of summer time left.