Monday, April 13, 2009

Our new beehive

So, our family has decided to start a bee hive. We are not farmers. We live in a smaller town but consider ourselves to be city folks. Living in the city, small as it is, we don't feel comfortable with it in our yard. So we have some family friends with an acreage where we will be putting it. Hopefully the bees will like all the fruit trees!

Why are we setting up a bee hive? Well, for fun I guess but I'll share more about the reasoning with future posts. My wife actually has a little experience with this by having an observational hive at her work (in her office even). This will be our family hive though and as such we get to keep any of the spoils (honey!) Our bees will will be here on April 17th. We've started putting together our hive body and will paint it later this week. Pictures to follow soon!

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