Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why are you not doing anything in the super?

About 2 weeks ago we put our first "super" onto the hive with a queen excluder between it and the hive bodies. Today we got back to look for the first time and were surprised to see... almost no activity in the super. There were a few bees up in it, maybe 25, but as far as we could tell there had been no drawing out of comb yet.

Before we put the super on the hive bodies were mostly full of brood and honey. We did have to pull out a bit of comb they had built in a space where we had left out a frame, and sure enough they were rebuilding it as we still were missing a frame since then. The thing we are wondering is if this is the reason they are ignoring the super. Since they had the space in the top hive body were the determined to use it up first? Or is it the queen excluder and they just refuse to go through it?

We've left the queen excluder on and will see how they do now. The empty slot in the top hive body has a frame now with duragilt on it. I wonder if they will now spend all their time on it instead of in the super?

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