Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Last year we really didn't get a chance to post much.  It was a weird summer for us that involved a job loss and various other stuff.  As a result we lived with one hive in the storage shed in our back yard for a while, and had to find a home for another hive as well.  We helped collect one swarm and actually harvested enough honey to provide cute little honey bears to friends and family at christmas time. 

We've inspected both of our hives once this spring and happily they both made it through the winter fine with several frames of honey left even.  Hopefully spring will really be here soon (snowing right now on March 29) and the ladies can be out collecting nectar and pollen.  We plan to re-queen one of the hives in a few weeks and will also be installing a package in our observation hive.  I'll try to do a better job updating the blog this year and share as many pictures as I can.  Perhaps we'll even provide some posts on our newest adventure of making SOAP!!!!

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